A little while ago I posted one of the pictures I snapped of stunning model, Beate.

I say “snapped”, because the time and resources we had together were very limited. Beate did her own make-up, and wore her own clothes. As part of the “crew” for the session, she even happily made the odd dash from the beach to the car to fetch things like gaffer tape, which I’d left behind.

It was Friday evening and we had only a couple of hours of natural light to squeeze in some shots in various locations. Except for a few preconceived ideas, we pretty much ad lib’ed the entire session by ourselves until my mate, Shaun, could join the two of us to play Photographer’s Assistant for the final bit.

If I say so myself, we got a lot of usable shots in only 2 and a half hours! Sometimes the hectic scurrying gets the creativity flowing.

This was in no small part due to Beate’s enthusiasm and dedication to making the most of her shoots. She’s vibrant, has a big personality, and will admit that in social situations she sometimes can’t stop chatting. But that’s all part of her charm, and as you can see from the photographs, bringing the professionalism that she does, Beate instantly managed to channel all that energy towards creating these smoldering images.

I’ve taken the less-is-more approach and have been quite selective about which ones to release, so these are those that I’ve hand-picked.

Read about the story behind this shot here.

Read about the story behind this shot here.

As you can see, Beate is a rubbish model. But she’s not bad at go-for work, so if you need someone to hold reflectors or carry lighting equipment on your shoots you can contact to her agents via www.stephgsuperstardom.com