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Via Facebook:
“We will continue with our awareness campaign about the dangers of fireworks as the new year approaches ~
Please share these messages to your friends and family and help us prevent more tragedies.
The dangers of fireworks , especially around Animals cannot be over emphasized. These two pictures here were taken after a local family had been throwing fireworks on Sunday night and their dog went to pick it up and it exploded in the dog’s mouth. The dog was taken to the vet however due to extensive injuries was humanely euthanased. Again, the message is to keep your Animals safe and far away from any fireworks during the upcoming New Year celebrations. Even after a huge amount of awareness and warnings there are still far too many Animals being injured and found running helpless and frightened on the roads. We appeal to everyone to do their part as responsible pet owners. First prize would be to enjoy the festivities without fireworks completely ~
Thank you ~”


I’ve just posted some pictures I shot last night, to my blog , of the amateur fireworks that were set off as part of annual Guy Fawkes Night celebrations.

As a photographer and an animal lover, I’m torn between the spectacle of the festivities, and the cruelty we inflict on our fellow earthlings. Despite the thrills that fireworks can provide, I’d gladly do without them to know that we were all performing our duties as guardians of our planet and its inhabitants.

Please think long and hard about all the repercussions before purchasing fireworks!