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"Good evening. Do you have a reservation?"

“Good evening. Do you have a reservation?”

I’ve decided to join the ranks of people who enjoy using the product of one of greatest technological leaps in human history: The Internet, to post pictures of cats, and share this one with y’all.

This is the formally dressed guardian of the Hostess’ desk at the reception of the fabulous oasis: Joe’s Beerhouse in Windhoek – a restaurant, pub, erm… I can’t really think of an adequate way to describe it, other than to tell you that if you’re ever in Windhoek, and you enjoy good food and wine in a relaxed and totally unique environment, then you MUST pay them a visit!

I didn’t get the name of said kitty, but as you can see, he takes his job seriously and despite his apparent formality in appearance in this picture, he does use his feline charms to instantly make you feel welcome.