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Kruger National Park - South Africa

Kruger National Park – South Africa

One of the most magnificent ways of contemplating your own existence  and your place as an earthling, is to stand face to face with a fully grown wild elephant. And I don’t mean close enough to take a picture. Close enough to hear him breathing; close enough to hear the dry grass gently rustle under his foot as he lumbers powerfully towards you in curiosity, one slow step at a time. Close enough to be fully aware that he’s fully aware of you, and wonder what he’s thinking. …and to linger in the moment as he searches you inside and out.

It’s in moments such as these that one glimpses an understanding of how we fit into the bigger picture of life; that there is more to being a human than the beating of your own heart, and that you, as a person and as a species, are indeed one tiny part of something that is greater than yourself, and greater than you can imagine.

If you don’t believe me, try it.

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