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The beautifully scenic Giant’s Castle Region on the Drakensberg in South Africa.

“Riding Shotgun” is a collection of images I’ve shot from inside a moving vehicle – often at highway speed.

I spend a lot of time sitting in the passenger seat of various vehicles as we travel by road. It’s a privilege to watch the landscape, and all its subtleties pass by, but it disappoints me to know that there’s so much of it that time does not permit me to explore properly.

I always tell my students that it’s lazy and bad form to shoot from a moving vehicle, but sometimes you just have to, in order to make the most of the fleeting moment.

This is collection of images I’ve managed to grab while racing past – riding shotgun – on my journeys.

It’s hit-and-miss, and despite appearances, it can be very dangerous too. Don’t try this at home.