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Seeing that it’s the 1st of the month, I’ve decided to take this blog in a slightly new direction. One which will see me showcasing much more of the work that I do to contribute to the evolution of photography, specifically that which highlights the importance of the emerging trend of “selfies”.

As from today you’ll begin to see a lot more self-portraiture appearing on this blog, and it is my hope that I can begin to establish a legacy as a professional photographer, that will inspire upcoming photographers too.

This image was taken spontaneously, at the exact moment I’d realised that I’d run out of instant coffee.

For younger photographers who would like to hone their skills, remember that often portraiture is about the candid, and that it can therefore be beneficial if you are able to photograph your subject without them realising that they are having their picture taken. The same is true for self portraits. Try to capture yourself when you are not aware of it.